Clean Questions

Clean questions help in diving deeper into a particular outcome or emotion of a person without influencing it with anybody else’s map of the world. It implies clean phrasing of the question and gives more clarity and structure by guiding the person to think in a particular direction. Thus it helps a person convey their own meaning without being influenced or distracted by other’s interpretations.

Following are some of the clean questions that could be used to get more insights. In these questions, X and Y represent certain key words used by the person that are either the important aspects of the conversation or require more clarity on.

Developing Questions

“(And) what kind of X (is that X)?”

“(And) is there anything else about X?”

“(And) where is X? or (And) whereabouts is X?”

“(And) that’s X like what?”

“(And) is there a relationship between X and Y?”

“(And) when X, what happens to Y?”

Sequence and Source Questions

“(And) then what happens? or (And) what happens next?”

“(And) what happens just before X?”

“(And) where could X come from?”

Intention Questions

“(And) what would X like to have happen?”

“(And) what needs to happen for X?”

“(And) can X (happen)?”

These questions make a person think more about what he exactly wants or feels without using words that could influence him. It brings forth those thoughts into our awareness that we haven’t been conscious of till now.

Activity 1:


Pick a particular outcome that you want to achieve for yourself but might find difficulty in doing so.

For example,

If your outcome is to get rid of certain limiting beliefs, ask yourself what kind of beliefs?

What happens just before you experience that belief? What happens after the belief is experienced?

Where could that belief come from? What needs to happen to that belief?

What would it be like to get rid of that belief? Is there anything else about it?


Activity 2:


For a week, explore clean questions with the conversations you have. Notice what’s different when you keep your language clean.

How does your conversation flow?

How do you improve your listening?

How are you able to get more information from the conversation?

Ask clean questions to explore further and you will be amazed at the kind of clarity and awareness these questions can bring to you.

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