Logical Levels-Redesigning your life!

The Logical Levels or Neuro-Logical Levels of change, developed by Robert Dilts, is a great way to organise our thinking, information gathering and communication. These are different levels used by a person to relate to themselves.

It’s a great tool to have a structured way of identifying the origin of a problem/challenge. There are various ways to work with logical levels.

In this exercise, we will look at exploring the different areas or overall transformation of your life by being fully in alignment with yourself and your goals/outcomes.



Pick an area/life that you wish to work with

Within that area….



What’s working in your Environment?

What’s not working in your Environment?



What do you do that’s working for you?

What don’t you do that’s working for you?

What do you do that’s not working for you?

What don’t you do that’s not working for you?



What are the skills/capabilites that you already have that’s working?

What are the new skills/capabilities you would like to develop?



What are some of the beliefs that’s empowering you?

What are some of the beliefs that are limiting for you?



What’s important for you about that area/life?



Who are you in that area/life? What are the different roles you play?



Why? For what? For whom? For what purpose?


Look forward to your responses and supporting you in creating a powerful future together

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