Usually the traditional way to explore your journey with NLP is through several levels of certification. To be precise, NLP has five levels of certification.

  • NLP Foundation Certification
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Trainers Certification
  • NLP Master Trainer Certification

NLP Foundation Certification – Two day program

NLP foundation is the first level of NLP. This is where you just put your toe in the water. You learn about basic principles of NLP, and the foundation on which NLP was built. You learn several powerful models, but more importantly you get an experience of how NLP can transform your professional and personal life.

Criteria to participate: None

To know more about NLP Foundation Certification, Click here

NLP Practitioner Certification – eight to ten day program

NLP Practitioner certification is an advanced level of NLP. In this program you experience powerful shifts by going through various models developed through NLP. By learning these models you will be fully skilled to practice NLP with yourself and others, may it be personally or professionally.

Criteria to participate: None. Some people choose to directly attend Practitioner Level program without attending Foundation Program.

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification – Eight to Ten day program

The essence of NLP lies in modelling excellence. NLP as a model was developed from modelling successful people and our ability to replicate the same success as they posses. By becoming a Master Practitioner you essentially will develop the ability to model success. At the end of the program you will have a modelling project to finish which will further help you strengthen your ability to develop NLP models of success.

Criteria to participate: To have completed NLP Practitioner Certification

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NLP Trainer Certification – Ten day program

This program will enable you to develop the necessary skills to facilitate quality NLP Programs of your own. Here you will learn several ways to create NLP experiences for others. You will develop your unique way of training that will bring in powerful transformational shifts in others, and at the same time get them extremely skilled at NLP. At the end of this program, you will get a real platform to facilitate training for other practitioners. Once you are a certified trainer, then you can start running your own courses and assist others in their journey with NLP.

Criteria to participate: To have successfully completed NLP Master Practitioner Certification

To know more about NLP Trainer level Certification, Click here.

NLP Master Trainer Certification

We will leave this conversation for some other time. To know more about becoming an NLP Master Trainer, get in touch with us and we can have a good discussion about it.

Traditionally, this is the hierarchy of certification. This rather makes sense because there is a systematic way of learning. We provide you with the highest quality of training and because of that we have been backed by several organizations around the world. When you successfully complete programs with us, all your certifications will be backed by Sue Knight Books and Talks and ANLP, UK which in our opinion are two of the most premier institutes of NLP in the world.

Nishith Shah personally endorses Sue Knight Books and Talks having done all of his training personally with Master Trainer of NLP, and author of NLP at Work – Sue Knight. We are in complete alignment with the values and standards of Training of Sue Knight Books and Talks which is experiential, fun, adventurous, ethical and powerful.

Sue KnightANLP

Tristan Soames’s training is backed by ANLP, UK – Association of NLP, UK (Please note that it is not the same as ANLP, India. They are two different organizations). While his training is backed by ANLP, UK most of the models of NLP that he has developed comes from modelling Sue Knight.

Now, traditionally that’s how certification works in NLP. But, we believe, it’s not always useful to be traditional.

The real value of NLP Training lies not in its certification but in the powerful and transformational shifts that you will experience. And that’s why never the judge the quality of training by the number of certifications you receive, but judge it by the way that training has supported you in drastically improving your life. Judge it by the way you become exceptionally skilled at NLP. Eventually, live a life full of fulfilment, passion and achieve extraordinary results.

And that’s what our programs are about. So, if you want to learn from the best, be exceptionally skilled at NLP and live the life of your dreams then this is the perfect place for you. If your outcome is to just get a piece of paper, then we will be happy to guide you to someone else.

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