NLP Trainer & Founder

Nishith Shah is one of the youngest NLP Trainer in the world and the founder of Thought Labs. For over 8 years, he has been actively revolutionizing the lives of people and organizations, by transforming the way they accomplish their targets and goals. At the age of 19, Nishith was one of the youngest COOs in the country for a training organization, and was responsible for training more than 10,000 students.

At Thought Labs, with the vision of transforming the way people perceive human potential and taking to the maximum to achieve extraordinary results – Nishith has been vigorously involved in strategically designing learning systems using NLP experiences. This has helped him gain a cutting edge in creating the highest standards of training and coaching programs. He has devised innovative training programs such as “NLP at The Himalayas”- which is an out of the world experience- completely experiential, ethereal and one of its kind in the world!

“Nishith has a natural ability to bring a tremendous amount of fun and humor to his training sessions. With his unique teaching style, you will have an out of the box experience, no matter what you learn! “

Personally responsible for transforming lives of more than 3000 people through his NLP training and coaching programs, Nishith has gained expertise and has become an extremely proficient at coaching, training & mentoring to bring about massive change in individuals as well as organizations. His program has been attended by delegates not only from India, but also from the U.K., France, Spain, Columbia, Croatia, the U.S.A, Australia and Netherlands!

He has shown his skills time and again, by working with renowned organizations like Aditya Birla, Wockhardt, BOSCH, Oye Happy, Christ University, Jain University and Ways2save, to name a few. He has also been invited as a guest speaker at a number of International Conferences, such as the CISO Platform.

Nishith has also been personally endorsed and recommended by world-renowned Master NLP Trainer, and author of NLP at Work, Sue Knight:

sue knight

— Sue Knight, International Master NLP Trainer and Author: NLP At Work

” I have known Nishith Shah for 5 years and right from the the beginning when he trained with me, I was impressed with his confidence, his sense of humor and his ability to support others to be the best version of themselves. I invited him to present himself on a stage of ”Unique Indian Trainers” because of his talent and his dedication to growth and learning. He always strives to go that extra mile in what ever he does, and even in the way in which he does it. I highly recommend him!”

Nishith Shah was the first NLP Trainer in India to have started various coaching and training initiatives such as the “Coaching Club”. Being an astute learner, Nishith has not only learned NLP, but he has also acquired a deep knowledge of a variety of forms of change work from various experts in the industry. He is now proactively involved in developing and expanding the NLP Culture in India. He has been collaborating with international NLP Trainers frequently, to bring the highest standards and the latest developments in NLP Training to India.

Experience of traning with Nishith Shah