Transformational Thinking

Transformation occurs when you change the way you think about your thoughts rather than change your thinking.

To explain this better, I am going to share with you, my modified version of the story of the two wolves.


“The two wolves are always at war. The one which creates darkness, negativity, limiting beliefs, disempowering states/emotions and the other that creates the light, positivity, empowering and powerful states/emotions.”

Which wolf wins?

The wolf that you feed the most.


And that’s true for your thoughts as well. The thoughts that you invest most of your energy in, wins.

But the truth is that if you want to transform your life, you need to start thinking about “How you think about your thoughts?”

Thoughts just occur. The problem starts when you start investing a lot of your time in trying to resolve those thoughts or force them to go away (If they are negative of course). By doing that, you are involuntarily feeding the wolf of darkness. The more energy you give to those thoughts the stronger they get.

But, the real transformation happens when you operate from awareness. What if you didn’t have to change your thoughts. What if all you have to do is to notice what’s going on. Observe them. And that’s it. That’s when you are changing the way you think about thinking.

No thoughts are a reality contrary to what it may seem. Have you thought about crashing when your flight is just about to take off? Yes, all of us have thought about that at some point or the other. Does it actually crash? No.

If thinking made everything real, then all the flights in the world should crash because someone in that plane is thinking about it crashing.

Your thoughts start affecting you only when you start giving them more energy than it’s needed.

So, what if from now on, you can simply be aware of your thoughts. Observe them. Notice them and let them pass by. You don’t have to force them. Let them take their own path as they come and go.

When you do that, what’s that like for you?

Nishith shah @ NLP master trainerBy Nishith Shah

Nishith Shah is an International NLP Master Trainer and the founder of Thought Labs. He has created innovative experiential NLP based programs and helped thousands of individuals and organizations globally to achieve breakthrough results. He is also an avid mountaineer and has climbed several high peaks in the Himalayas till date. He will be climbing Everest in the next two years.

Nishith Shah

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