A brand new way to set goals for 2017 that actually works!

I was having a discussion with a friend, who was in turn, exploring what’s likely to be one of the most talked about topic in the coming week: The goals for the new year.

It’s fascinating the way we structure time in our experience. It’s linear and we set all these markers in time that helps us reboot our system. These markers such as the new year, our birthdays and many other significant days in our lives serve as a way for us to reinvent ourselves. Wise people know that we don’t need these significant days to reinvent ourselves but our hippocampus doesn’t. Since these markers in time help us reinvent ourselves, we might as well use them to be the person we want to be. Right?

But, how often have you already tried that and has been successful with that? How often have you created goals at the end of the year only to realize that you weren’t able to sustain them for more than 15 days. In fact, it would be an achievement if you were able to sustain them for more than a week. Statistics says, most people aren’t able to take it beyond a week.

So, what happens?

The irony in creating these goals is that you never really want these goals. What you really want is the experience it brings you when you achieve your goals. You do things, not for the things, but for the emotions you experience in the process of achieving those things.

People want money. They want money so that they can feel safe & secure. People want to reduce weight so that they can experience energy or self-worth or flexibility. It could be anything.

But at the end of the day, you live life to have certain experiences. You do everything in life, like build relationships, make money, be successful … everything is so that you can create certain experiences for yourself.

So, how about we take this new year a bit differently?

What if, this time, instead of focusing on the goals, focus on the experiences you want to create for yourself for the next year. What are the emotions you want to feel more and more the coming year? And operate from that?

What if you say, “next year I am going to live my life with freedom, passion & adventure or Fun, Joy & Happiness”. It could be anything. When you wake up each morning, wake up with an intent to experience these states more and more. And put all of your energy in operating from those emotions/states. Because no matter what happens eventually you are going to experience something. Might as well decide to experience the things that are important to you. Everything else in your life will automatically fall in place.

Because imagine, all the time you achieved success in life, what was your state? You were able to achieve those things because you operated from those states rather than the other way round.

How about we try that this year and notice what’s different about the way you achieve your goals?

So, what are the emotions/states you want to experience more and more in 2017? What will you create for yourself each day?

Nishith shah @ NLP master trainerBy Nishith Shah

Nishith Shah is an International NLP Master Trainer and the founder of Thought Labs. He has created innovative experiential NLP based programs and helped thousands of individuals and organizations globally to achieve breakthrough results. He is also an avid mountaineer and has climbed several high peaks in the Himalayas till date. He will be climbing Everest in the next two years.


Nishith Shah

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