Will NLP help me to achieve what I want in my life?

This is exactly what I use to think when I decided to start my journey with NLP – 3 years back.  After completing my NLP certification, I thought that I have achieved everything in the life. That thought was short lived because I started exploring other areas of life which I had not explored or thought of exploring it.

As the journey began, I started diving deeper into myself to discover more about myself. A point came where I found myself in a no man’s land. That was the time I met Nishith via a common friend. In the first meeting, when I saw him in McDonalds at Forum Value Mall, I told to myself – is he anNLP trainer? I know more than him.

After that meeting, I met him after 2 months & that was the turning point. Nishith, helped me  find the solution for a problem in which I was stuck for more than 3 years. After that meeting, I decided to enroll for the NLP Trainer certification which happens in Goa once a year.

In those 9-10 days, I was not only able to explored more about myself but also was able to understand others very well.

So what happened in those 10 days?

In those 10 days, I was able to get rid off a lot of self-limiting belief such as I can’t make more money. I can’t become an entrepreneur and many more. Those beliefs are history now. In fact, I was able to find the better version of me & become that person.

I always used to hear – How to become 10x in your life? And never believed in it. Today, I am experiencing 10x in whatever I do. I am able to start my own business & my income levels have gone up. My relationship with people has improved by 10x. I am able to connect with people around me.

Coming back to the question “Will NLP help me to achieve what I want in my life?”, is no more a question. Rather, the question is “What more can I achieve in my life by enhancing NLP skills?” May be higher income levels, may be more time for family or may be more time travel.

I want you to stop and think “What more do you want to achieve in your life?”

If you are on fence, then please speak with Nishith. He is the guy who can help you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life.


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By Nirav Gandhi

By Nirav Gandhi

Nirav is a certified NLP Trainer having completed his training in January 2016 with Thought Labs. Recently, after quitting his job, Nirav works as a coach & facilitator creating high-quality workshops in Bangalore. He is about to publish his first book.

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