A peek into the future!

Imagine, if you could see the future. What would happen, if you could see when exactly you  are going to die, would you do something about it?

This is the story of a village located in the middle of a dense forest. The location of this village was strange because the plants of the forest located around the village somehow allowed some of the residents to be extraordinary. It gave birth to many explorers, inventors, scientists, and discoverers. Geniuses from all walks of life.

The challenge was that when these extraordinary men started developing an idea or invention, the common folks didn’t understand much of it. Hence, they end up completely rejecting the ideas. Even as simple as an idea that the “Earth is round” was ridiculed as they just could not see it.

So, these geniuses got together and decided that they would travel to a different land where there was no place for mediocrity, inhibitions, politics, and narrow mindedness of the people, allowing them to fully focus on building a better tomorrow.

Amongst them was a man known to them as “The Prophet”. He was revered as he had a gift of seeing the future. No one knew whether he had acquired this gift naturally or if he had invented a device or contraption to see the future. But, he could.

And he saw a dark future. He saw that the people of the very same village where these geniuses came from were cutting the trees around them to build lavish houses, splendid furniture, and surround themselves with unnecessary leisure. They got so engrossed in the now that they became completely ignorant of the fact that the Forrest is their only lifeline.

Little did they know, that the very same comfort that they are enveloping themselves in, is going to be the death of them. The very same comfort is taking their life away from them bit by bit, and putting their  village in grave danger.

Having realised this they thought of different ways to send this message across to the village. They knew that their attempt to communicate with the leaders of the village would be futile. The village elders would only turn the matter into a political game and no action would be taken to save the village. Leaders were corrupt by themselves. If only they could directly send the message across to the people of the village, eliminating the middleman, then there would be a collective effort from the roots in an attempt to eradicate the problem.

So, the geniuses invented a device that allowed them to communicate directly to the consciousness of the villagers in an effort to save the village. As if they can incept the thoughts into their mind.

But the geniuses hadn’t thought this through. They wish they’d known better because as they started transmitting the messages, the villagers started to feel sorry for themselves and instead of working towards a better future; they started to wallow in self pity. They took those messages to be far fetched and accepted the fact that the world is going to end instead of doing something about it.

They thought their fates were established and there was no changing it. And they did nothing to change it. They were okay with being comfortable in the now, rather than take action for the future. Saving the village would give them new life, a new civilization!

But they did absolutely nothing!

So, let me ask you the question again…

What if you could see your future, and in that future, you saw your patterns, the patterns that you are currently running on, yielding you no results. You retain the same mediocrity and maintain your current habits and behaviors, which takes you absolutely no where in life!

Would you do something about it?
What would it be?

By Nishith Shah


Nishith Shah

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