Mind Reading and Controlling with NLP

Finally, the breakthrough moment – Here is how you can read and control mind of other people (Telepathy) with NLP.

In the last couple of years, I have been exploring the structure of Mind Reading. Before I started learning NLP, I had heard a lot of buzz about NLP People being able read minds of everyone around them. Later, I realized that for the most part, what was considered mind reading was nothing but sensory acuity. It was all about being sensory acute and noticing the unconscious physiological cues that are given by the people all the time.

Until, I stumbled across some of the old tribes in Himalayas. I went to corners of the earth to explore the concept of mind reading. But, most of my answers came from a den at the base of Nanda Parbat. The question was:

Is it actually possible to read someone’s mind? Is it actually possible to get a sense of what people are thinking? Is it actually possible to really control their mind?

After I finished my exploration, I can definitely say with scientific proof that yes it is possible and it is just not about being sensory acute. There is an unconscious energy that floats around and connects people. That is how you sometimes sense what your loved ones are thinking before they even share it with you. That is how you develop instincts and now we have a scientific process to prove that.

Here are the steps to activate the part of your mind that will allow you to read other peoples mind. This breathtaking invention comes from very old LOA clans wisdom who are located at the base of Nanda Parbat in Himalayas.

You have to follow the instructions precisely. Go to next step only  when you have achieved the previous step for you to be successful.

1) Make sure there is someone around you whose mind you would like to read. Allow that person to sit next to you.

2 )Think about the last time when you felt really focused. As if the world around you didn’t exist.

3) As you have done that, pick a point on the ceiling (Something that is above your eye level) and just focus on it. Keep the focus for about 30 seconds.

As you do this you will notice your vision expanding. This is the part which will activate the part of the mind which is responsible for Telepathy.

4) Now, as your vision expands, the other person will automatically come in your peripheral vision. As this happens, go to their ears and scream HAKUNA MATATA (This is to break state)


5) As you have done the last part, you will be able to get a sense of what other person is thinking. It will be mostly on the lines of “This guy has gone crazy”, “What an idiot”,”@$@%#^”

6) There you have already started sensing what other person is thinking. Now, go internal and scream inside your head, “OMG, what was I thinking, It is the first day of 4th month. I feel stupid.”

And there you go. That’s all you will need to start control others mind.

Thank you,

Nishith Shah

10599465_10152692057590409_8819751595314864992_nPS: – On a serious note, please be aware of the false claim some of the NLP experts make about what’s possible with NLP. No, you cannot mind read or mind control with NLP (In case, you haven’t figured from the post), you cannot manipulate people with NLP, you cannot make anyone do anything if you know NLP and you definitely cannot turn them into chicken forever. So far with the best of my knowledge, non of this has been discovered.

NLP is one of the most powerful process and what is possible is that you can develop much more awareness about yourself and others, you can have a life-changing and transformational experience, you can learn to better relate to people and learn to have much better influence. Hence, it will be great to see if people share those powerful experience with responsibility.

If you have had good experience with this and would love to see you friends develop the ability of mind control, please share

Nishith Shah

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